The 4 Best US Universities With The Most International Students

The 4 Best US Universities With The Most International Students

Limiting oneself to their surroundings for a lifetime may fetter the souls from exploring the cultures and people outside one’s circle. The opportunity to visit huge cities and meet new people needs to be seized when it comes your way. Studying abroad helps open doors to new experiences; every person will influence you for good. International students would also be a part of the institute, and this would keep adding virtues and vices to your character. You can always be a part of a sensible team to have the right approach to life. Lasting friendships and multiple walks of life aren’t the only benefits of enrolling in an international university.

Everyone will enjoy the learning culture in a different country when every other aspect favors them. A mind-opening experience is assured with the programs in such universities. International students will get to learn new concepts in an exciting environment, whereas the locals can kindle relations with people from other countries. Here are some of the best US universities with the highest number of international students.

1. Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology, also known as IIT, is the leading US university for international students. Chicago is one of the most fast-paced student cities in the country, and it houses this institute in massive glory. In a total of 8,000 students being enrolled into the university every year, 1,000 are from minority groups. Over 65% of the graduate students come from overseas, and they represent almost 100 nationalities in the student body of the institute. IIT receives a great score in terms of accommodating international students, and it has, therefore, earned the 15th rank in the world for the proportion of international students.

2. Carnegie Mellon University

A near-perfect score has been earned by the Carnegie Mellon University in the proportion of international students. This has helped the university gain the 24th position on the list. Located in Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Mellon University is an ideal place for international students. Pennsylvania is home to thousands of students of other nationalities, and more than half of them would be a part of this university. Apart from the university in the US, Carnegie also has established institutes in Australia and Qatar.

Carnegie Mellon University

3. Stevens Institute of Technology

Ranked third in the US for the highest number of international students, the Stevens Institute of Technology is an innovative university that has also earned the 51st position on the overall list. A diverse student population can be found here, and people from over 50 countries are drawn to New Jersey for the various professional programs. Overseas students do not find the procedures and transition any hard, as the International Student and Scholar Services assist them with acquiring the programs and visa forms.

Stevens Institute of Technology

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Unlike many other universities, this need not be introduced to the student demographic in other countries. MIT offers the most popular engineering programs, and it also has around 11,331 international students. Exchange programs are also a feature of the institute.

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