What to Study to Become an Online Casino Game Presenter

What to Study to Become an Online Casino Game Presenter

As the online casino industry grows, so grows the demand for professional game presenters. This industry is especially booming in Latvia where several high-end game studios are located, namely Evolution and Playtech who both largely run the live casino industry right now. But their live studio games are only as good as their game presenters are.

The job of an online casino game presenter is a demanding one and it’s definitely not for every person. While it looks glamorous and fun (and it is), it also requires dedication, passion for the industry and stellar communication skills.

Latvia might be at the frontlines of the live casino industry but there isn’t really any specific school where you could study to become a game presenter. Instead, you can build a dedicated skillset by developing some crucial skills every game presenter should have.

Game Rules

When you take up a job at any live casino studios, whether they’re Latvian online casino developers or others, you’ll get to learn the rules anyway but it’s even better if you already know casino games well.

First step would be to read up about casino games online. There are plenty of in-depth resources teaching you rules and strategies of all card based casino games, roulette, and even slots and video poker. Better yet, detailed casino game descriptions are often available in your own language – for example, in Latvian. Youtube is another great resource, as can be seen below.

To refine your skills, you simply need to play. You can use the free demo versions of different casino games, so you could practice as much as you want without needing to spend any money. A good game presenter knows the game in-depth and has a true passion for it.


Blackjack dealer
While you don’t need education to be a casino game presenter, you do need skills.

Great communication skills are the absolute biggest part of becoming a successful game presenter. Even if working in the live casino studio you won’t actually see any other people, you might end up servicing more people than you would at a regular casino. Live casinos are always packed with people and you might be looking at game sessions with 20 people at the same casino room.

As a game presenter, you have to explain the rulings in a calm and collected manner but besides that, you will most likely also encounter some players with less than desirable attitudes. You have to always stay calm and friendly, even if the players might be rude or even obnoxious.

It’s not enough to just be polite and smile every now and then. A true game presenter is energetic, has a great positive vibe, is fun to be around and is the ultimate extrovert. Your job is to get people into a great gambling mood. You’re not there to just deal the cards: you are there to bring the whole show together.

To become a game presenter, you might want to take some acting classes or learn communication by attending some specific courses to refine your skills. Acting classes might be especially beneficial: as a game presenter, you’re essentially an actor whose job is to entertain the people.

Grace and Elegance

Good communication often comes not from words but from the way you carry yourself: your inner presence, grace and elegance. If you’re an inherently graceful person, you won’t have any problem with troublesome customers or tough situations: you won’t have to worry about getting upset or messing things up since your inner elegance and graceful actions will always guide you towards better actions.

It’s a fine art and definitely not something that’s learned overnight but to get started, watch relevant Youtube videos to learn about becoming more elegant or even enrol in some online courses that are specifically meant to cultivate an elegant mindset.


As a game presenter, you’re in front of the eyes of hundreds of players every single day. You’re the hostess, the person that welcomes players and provides them enjoyable moments. Beyond great communication and knowing the game rules, you need to understand the etiquette and have good manners. Even with such good manners you would fit perfectly into a room filled with upper-class people. Good manners will automatically give you that X-factor that makes you stand out.

Luckily, etiquette is something you can learn from various schools and courses across the world. And besides helping you to become a game presenter, knowing etiquette can come in handy for your entire life. Don’t underestimate the power of great manners and if possible, attend etiquette classes or courses thoroughly.

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